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We are still here. We have been busy with other things, that is all. But here are some things that are less other: Pluto Eats The Sea are writing songs; Ti-Jean is recording songs; Cindylouwho might make some changes to the EP that's nearly two years old. It should be obvious that none of this implies the release of anything soon. But we may surprise you. And things will be released sometime, and that is enough.


So I know the Cindylouwho EP was supposed to be out a couple of months ago, but, sadly, it's still not ready. This is entirely because I suck. It will be out sometime. There's not a whole lot more that needs doing to it. Also, the Pluto Eats The Sea album is about half done. It sounds pretty wonderful. And Ti-Jean is slowly starting to record new songs. Yay for all that!

And, also: you should go to the Bring Yourself Fest if you're around Bristol this weekend.

Bring Yrself Fest


Just to let you know, kids – Pluto Eats The Sea have recording time booked for the end of June; they hope to finish off an album in that time. We're not convinced. They are pretty slow. But that Cindylouwho EP will be out around July time.


We're sorry for the site's absence for the last week. Our previous host, the wonderful and missed Paper's Edge community server was brought down by technical and security problems. As a result of this, they have closed down. Well, we found a new server and everything will be ace again.


The Cindylouwho EP is all finished, with final overdubs done, awaiting mastering. We're going to release it in the Summer.

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