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hey just a quick check in. The new Pluto record is taking shape, I have been listening to a whole heap of new songs that i've been playing with, weve scheduled a week in the early summer to get some work done

( after the mad rush of work has ended). i'ts gonna be worth the waiting..... take care of yourselfs, we'll speak soon. x

Posted by: Robbie


hey all, its been a while since my last news, and this is just a quick check in,pluto is hoping to get some recording done in the very near future, ive got some melodies ready to go that are sounding interesting, in other news the cindy e.p is coming on and i promise we will have a bio and information up soon. Take care.

Posted by: Robbie


Hey, kids, I want to thank Giuseppe Marmina for playing Always Orange on his excellent radio show, Good Morning Captain on Radio Lupo Solitario. If you heard us on there, go get some mp3s, okay? Okay.

Posted by: Barnaby


hey everyone, this is my first news, but im hoping to keep this regular.

please check out the review of suddenly... on www.adequacy.net, i cant tell you how proud we are , like dads cooing over a newborn. in other news ive started recording a solo e.p under the name cindylouwho, hopefully there will be some mp3's and biogs and stuff up soon, if anyone has anything to say contact me on an270417@stmail.staffs.ac.uk, take care of yourselfs, we'll speak soon.

Posted by: Robbie


EP joy!

Posted by: Take Your Hand

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