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'i remember, as a child, running around the cul-de-sac i used to live on wearing a small super-man t-shirt and a red towel and pretending i was a super-hero. i would perform ordinary tasks, such as bringing in neighbor's trash bins, or walking their dog around the block, with such enthusiasm that they would be prompted to give me some cookies, or brownies, or whatever the house-wives were cooking that day. the whole block smelled of baked goods, and since i was the only real child on the block (our immediate neighbors' children were eight and ten years my seniors), i would reap the benefits of house-wife-ery. however, there always has to be someone to spoil the fun...in this case, a certain family member of mine who exclaimed one day, during a day filled of moving small boxes through a neighbor's house and the immediate cookie-run i made in her kitchen, "you cannot be super-man. you are a girl."' Says Adrienne, 'pluto is the last planet in the so-no, sorry. pluto is the dog in the disn-no, sorry again. pluto eats the sea is a very good band that i wish i could listen to every day but i only have a few empeethrees and i wish i had more or lived closer to them so i could knock on their door and go "hey! play me some good ol' rock and roll" and they would.'

Robbie Agostinelli sings and plays guitar, bass, casio, drums and cornet; Barnaby Hutchins sings and plays guitar, organ, casio, drums, glockenspiel, zither, mouth organ and flute; Chris Phillips plays good drums.

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Take Your Hand is a record label from Coventry, England.

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