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suddenly. I cried forever


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Released: 18.08.2003

A beautiful blend of instruments and vocals, Pluto experiments with a variety of sounds with haunting lyrics to construct songs that will linger on your ears long after you have heard them. Agostinelli's vocals and Hutchins's backup blend together with a handful of instruments in each song. The stereo vocals of Always Orange, mixed with a chilling beat, remind one of the ups and downs of a relationship, while the beginning of Close Yr Arms... winds up like a jack-in-the box. Real Life Adventures is scattered with images of the ocean and sounds like a space-ship.

Pluto's simple lyrics, combined with a vast collection of instruments build a relationship with the listener, whether you can relate to the words or the sounds. Pluto's growing musical universe is seen through the progression of suddenly. I cried forever.

Suddenly... comes in a hand-stamped white-on-blue handmade cardboard case with a free button and lasts 27 minutes and 2 seconds.

Length: 0h, 27m, 02s


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'suddenly. I cried forever' cover image

Pluto Eats The Sea
suddenly. I cried forever

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