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Now there is some information on Cindylouwho for you! And I have, right here, an unmastered, cassette copy of his new EP, Keep believing in your dreams hold on to them tightly don't let go. It's an awesome record and we'll give you something to listen to next month. We intend to release Keep believing... in February.


Well things have been slow. I haven't spoken to Tacky in a little while but I assume his album is coming on okay now. He should be rerecording it and as soon as we hear something more concrete, we'll put up some information. The Cindylouwho EP is doing pretty well. It may be ready quite soon and when I see Robbie for the Pluto Eats The Sea recording sessions, we'll get a Cindylouwho section up. There will be pretty pictures, I bet. And, yes, Pluto Eats The Sea are going to be recording in the next few weeks. Four songs for the new album are recorded already and we are tentatively setting a release date for the late Summer. Maybe. Ti-Jean is working towards an EP or album but it's hard going. He's difficult.

Finally, suddenly. I cried forever, the Pluto Eats The Sea EP, is on sale!

» suddenly. I cried forever, by Pluto Eats The Sea: £4.50 until February. «


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